Eat With Farah is an Award Winning innovative food delivery service delivering delicious healthy fast food around Greater Manchester. Whether it is for work lunch or simply just wanting something different than your average fast food. We work with forward thinking companies providing their workforce with fresh and energising lunches.

Eat with Farah

Eating right makes us healthy

A healthy team leads to less missed work, better quality work, fewer doctor visits and lower health care costs.

Eat with farah saves time

You’ll boost your afternoon energy levels

Have you ever noticed eating fast food for lunch may make you feel lethargic and less energized by 3pm. Our fresh and nutrient lunches gives you the focus and stamina you need to finish your day strong.

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Eat With Farah will save you time by simplifying your lunch

Do you see yourself skipping lunch due to time constraints? By placing your orders at the beginning of the week, Eat With Farah can ensure to have your lunch delivered to you in a timely manner.

Here’s how to order

1. Choose your lunch

Our menu is fresh, energising and changes frequently to keep your taste buds tingling

2. Ordering lunch is really easy

Email your orders through our website contact page, give us a call or message us through our social media platforms. Allowing 24 hours for placing an order

3. Eat with Farah will be delivered to you

We deliver to your home or office for you to enjoy our yummy lunch!


Our delivery is free if you are in our catchment area of Bolton and Manchester. Not to panic, if you are outside our delivery area contact info@eatwithfarah.co.uk for more information.