Happy January friends! The month of fresh starts and nutritious foods is upon us so it’s important to start planning now and head into the healthy season strong! It’s a New Year and it’s all about “New Year, New Me” We all have our New Year’s resolution and just like many of us, we want to start the year with a new health kick! I hope you all had a good end to 2018 but let’s start 2019 with a great new clean eating style! Eat With Farah provides you with clean healthy fast food which can be really enjoyable as well as healthy. We can easily get bored of eating an average “boring” salad with broccoli however what we provide is clean eating but with amazing flavourful tasting meals inspired from around the world!

There is something fascinating about fast food, as a child a tip to a fast food place was always seen as a treat however as I started to grow up fast food always made me feel tired, it put me in a food coma and I would wake up feeling fat! So I asked myself, why can’t fast food be good for you? At Eat With Farah, we are trying to change the way people eat fast food. We serve food that both tastes good and does you good!

Things to look forward to this year at Eat With Farah is a continuous change of our healthy fast food menu and also Meal Preps which will be coming shortly! Meal preps is a great way for our customers to enjoy clean eating every day without the hassle of having to prepare meals yourselves. Do you sometimes feel that you are too busy with day to day life that you don’t have enough time to prepare you meals?

Here is where Eat With Farah can really help. We will be having a wide selection of tasty fresh Meal Preps available on our Meal prep menu off our website which will have your taste buds tingling! Keep an eye out on our website for the launch of our new Meal Preps which will save you time and effort to allow you to crack on with you busy lifestyle!

Please feel free to order from us by going onto our website on and also follow us on social media @eatwithfarah


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